A004 Degreasers

Product introduction

Can remove the grease on the surface of the spraying workpiece, avoid the appearance of unnecessary paint film.

Product characteristics

Used to remove any oil, dust, and other surfaces that need to be sprayed.

Better to stain, not to hurt

Physical parameters

Appearance status

Water white and clear liquid

specific gravity


water content


Construction parameters

Mix proportion

You dont mix it, its out of the box

method of application

1Clean the surface of the surface with clean water

2Wipe with a clean sheet of A004 deoilers on the surface of the spray or polish.

3Immediately wipe it with another clean, dry cloth.

Suitable substrate

Any surface paint, primer, atomic ash, substrate surface


1Must not be used as a thinner.

2Use a clean, non-woven, non-woven fabric.

3Clean the dusting cloth with the air gun before spraying the paint.

4Deoiler volatilize faster and should be covered immediately after opening.

Packing specification



The storage period of the open tank is 2 years