A696 Varnish
Category:MS Clearcoat

Product introduction

It consists of high quality isocyanate, solvent and special additives. It contains high efficiency anti-ultraviolet and light absorber,Golden brown,Good gloss and hardness,Provide protection, durability and brightness.

Product characteristics

◆ Rapid leveling, excellent construction performance.

◆ High gloss, excellent mirror effect.

◆ High thickness film, reduce cost, improve efficiency.

◆ High hardness, high hardness of paint film, good resistance to scratch.

Physical parameters

Appearance status

Clear and transparent liquid

Nonvolatile component

52 ±2%



Specific gravity

1 ±0.05 kg/L


42 ±5s (-4 cups, 25℃)

Auxiliary product


High concentration hardener


Universal thinner

Construction parameters

Mix proportion

High solid royal varnish 100
High concentration hardener 50
Thinner 15% ~ 25%

Method of operation

Select the type of curing agent according to the ambient temperature,The proportion is added to the varnish. Then add an appropriate amount of thinner,Fully stir well, can be constructed.

Apply to the environment

Used throughout the car spraying and local repair, temperature 15 ℃ to 25 ℃

Spraying pressure

Gun pressure for 3~4kg/c㎡

drying time

No sticky 40 minutes / 25 ℃


- Proper use of fast drying, standard, slow curing agent can achieve good spraying and leveling effect.
- In (25 ℃) 20 hours after spraying (60 ℃) or 40 minutes to repair or polishing
- Add 1.5 percent of the drying fluid to accelerate the drying rate.
- Seal well after use,When exposed to air for long periods of time, the curing agent will decay, causing the paint to not work.

Packing specification

1L x 12; 4L x 6; 5L x 4


The storage period of original sealed tank is 2 years