A510 Hardener
Category:HS Hardener

Product introduction

Car paint, Special curing agent for alloy paint, alloy matte varnish and multi-function advertising paint. It is composed of special isocyanate, solvent and special auxiliaries. For best gloss and hardness, Give the paint film excellent physical mechanical properties, Anti-chemical properties and aging resistance, It also reduces the volatilization of organic solvents, which is more conducive to protecting the environment.

Product characteristics

◆ Fast drying type, fast curing time and quick drying at normal temperature.

◆ High active reactive group - NCO, which makes crosslinking density and hardness high.

◆ High solid content, low viscosity, rapid flow, high gloss and fullness.

◆ It belongs to HDI non-yellow polyisocyanate products.

◆ Excellent physical and mechanical properties, anti-chemical properties.

Physical parameters

Appearance status

Clear and transparent liquid

Nonvolatile component

48 ±2%

Specific gravity

1 ±0.05 kg/L


11 ±2s (-4 cups, 25℃)

Auxiliary product

Car paint

Alloy paint, alloy matte varnish, multi-function advertisement word paint


Matching thinner

Construction parameters

Mix proportion

Mix according to the specific paint use

Method of operation

Type of special curing agent, Add the paint in proportion to the specified proportion. Then add an appropriate amount of thinner and stir well. Evenly, it can be constructed.


1L x 12, 4L x 6, 0.5L x 12
The storage period of the open tank is 2 years
After taking the use, timely sealing, long exposure to air, curing agent will spoil, causing the paint to quit.