A362 thinner

Product introduction

Slow dry mixing solvent for automotive paint. Diluted paint, Reduce paint viscosity and concentration. Slow volatility, It provides sufficient leveling time for large-scale construction in high temperature environment, Increase the smoothness of the paint film, The base paint applies.

Product characteristics

◆ Slow drying, The rate of evaporation is extremely slow, Adequate flow time is provided for the high temperature environment.

◆ Polyurethane solvent, The moisture content is extremely low, Solvent without the -oh active group.

◆ Dissolve the power, Both single and double paint are applicable.

◆ The volatile velocity has a better gradient, Can create soft paint film effect.

Physical parameters

Appearance status

Water white and clear liquid

Specific gravity

0.89 ±0.01 kg/L

Water content

≤ 0.1%

Form a complete set of products

Varnish, solid paint, metal paint, pearl paint, primers

Construction parameters

Mix proportion

2K Plain coloured lacquer (2K varnish) : Paint curing agent : thinner = 2 : 1 : 0.1~0.3
1K Metallic paint : thinner = 1 : 1~1.2

Method of operation

The type and ratio of diluent should be selected according to ambient temperature and construction viscosity.

Scope of application

Used in 0 ~ 30 ° C above application of whole vehicle or large spray high temperature environment.


Not suitable for industrial paint

Packing specification

4L x 6; 5L x 4


The storage period of original sealed tank is 3 years